Memories of bouncing across the crystal-blue oceans in 2004's incredible sleeper hit shooter Far Cry brings us back to our happy place. But images from the maker's follow-up, Crysis, makes those memories seem quaint in comparison. Seeing Crysis in motion, well, sadly those fond memories are now planted firmly in "happily ignorant" territory.

Crysis shares the remote island jungle setting with its predecessor, but that's about it. Stemming from an unforeseen meteor strike in 2019, US and North Korean military forces converge on an unpopulated atoll in the Pacific to lay claim to the mountain of minerals inside the giant meteorite. Almost as fast as hostilities can be started, an alien ship emerges from the impact crater and calls of "can't we all just get along" are heard across the ranks. It's time to fight some aliens.

The new Crysis images you see here are truly a leap ahead. Making good on head-exploding promises, we can see proof of some truly incredible effects: depth-of-field, photo-realistic environments, destructible vegetation and motion-blurring action.

After you've taken in the images, visit the movies tab to see them in motion and look into the crystal ball of high-end gaming's future. Pack some bug repellent - your new happy place is deep in the jungle.

April 20, 2006