Coolest Smash Bros. level to date

As you well know, Super Smash Bros. stages its bouts in scenes from past Nintendo games, and Mario Sunshine is the latest to be transformed into a battle ground.

These new shots reveal that the supposedly peaceful, sun-drenched Delfino Plaza will be one of the many Nintendo environments in the game, and look at the size of it.

You start the fight on a hovering platform that swoops down to settle in one area of the island as you battle. If allows you to put foot to face in that spot for a short while before lifting off again to take you to another spot on the island. By the looks of it, the entire town is in there.

We wonder if Mario's F.L.U.D.D water pack will be one of the items in the game? Check back next week for more daily Smash Bros. updates. See more by clicking the Images tab above.

June 1, 2007