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Christmas Crackers - Part Six

Part Six - Stupid weapons, bad horror and funny onions


The 23 Weirdest Movies... And What They Really Mean

The strange, surreal and downright bizarre... all decoded.

The 20 Most Dangerous Movies Of All Time

Stomach-churners, riot-starters & change-makers… Films that made a mark.

27 Films That Need To Be Remade

Cult hits and near misses that deserve another go...

If Movie Characters Used Twitter...

Icons of cinema - in 140 characters or fewer

The Best And Worst Movie Viral Campaigns

Buzz marketing phenoms and failures...

The 27 Funniest Onion Movie Stories

Hilarious phoney film news from US satire kings

Songs That Could Be Movies: The Smiths

8 fantastic Smiths tracks that should be scripts…

15 Awesomely Stupid Movie Weapons

Lawgivers to Lightsabers, the dumbest guns in town...

20 Greatest Tarantino Music Moments

Our countdown of QT's hippest cuts...

The 32 Worst Horror Films Ever Made

The bad, the trash and the repulsive...

Have your own favourites of the year? Let us know!

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