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Calling all trainers! More Pokemon Sword and Shield information is coming on August 7

(Image credit: Nintendo)

If you can barely contain yourself with excitement Pokemon Sword and Shield, you’ll be glad to know we’re getting another helping of information this week on August 7 at 6am PDT/ 2pm BST. The Pokemon Company revealed we’re in for another Galar research update. If any of the past updates are anything to go by, we'll likely learn more about the Galar region, be introduced to more Gen 8 Pokemon friends, and maybe gain some more insight into new features. 

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In past updates we’ve been shown Gigantamaxing, as well as being introduced to some new Pokemon including the dessert-like Alcremie and the unbelievably adorable Yamper. There was also news that both versions will be getting exclusive gym leaders including the Ghost-type leader Allister in Shield, and Bea the fighter-type leader who appears in Sword. 

With the release date of November 15 getting ever closer, every update helps keep us going while we wait out the last few months. Be sure to check back with us on Wednesday for more. 

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