Call of Duty: Black Ops sets first-week sales record

Activision just keeps raking it in. After achieving a first-day gross higher any entertainment product in history, Black Opssales continue to climb at a blistering rate. After its first week, Call of Duty: Black Ops has pulled in an amazing $650 million.

Once again, this number eclipses the previous record holder which was the previous game in the series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. That game rang up $550 million in sales in its first five days one year ago.

"Call of Duty has become the first entertainment property in history to set five-day launch records for two consecutive years across all forms of entertainment," said Activision CEO Bobby Kotick in a statement.

Black Ops has set all sorts of records across the board, including being the most-played Xbox Live game on launch day, and Amazon's most pre-ordered product of all time.

The Call of Duty franchise has definitely become the most valuable franchise out there. Every time we don't think it can sell any better, it does. Even Activision didn't expect Black Ops to outsell Modern Warfare 2, but it has.

Can the record-setting franchise continue its run ad infinitum, or is there an end to its reign in sight? It's fate for the near future may depend on... the future - it'srumored that the series' next directionwill take it to space.

Nov 18, 2010