Call of Duty: Black Ops mission to 'Kill Fidel Castro' incites Cuban outrage has reported on a mission in CoD: Black Ops which allows players to seek out Fidel Castro and attempt to assassinate him. According to the site, Black Ops "stimulates sociopathic attitudes" in American youth... hey, so you mean it's not just our media that says dumb stuff like that about videogames?! Nice! Oh, right, and they're pretty pissed about the whole Castro thing.

"What the United States government did not achieve in more than 50 years, it now tries to do virtually," reads the Cuban news story. Wait, Activision is run by the US government?

Indeed, Black Ops does involve a mission in Cuba,but tracking down Castro proves to be an insurmountable ordeal.Cuban officialsclaim that this is reflective of real life, and that over600 unsuccessful US-sanctioned attempts have been made to murder Castro.

US officials have long refuted the highly-publicized claim that it has specifically targeted the Cuban leader.

So the moral is, when you have a monstrously successful game franchise that starts to meddle in real-world political intrigue, there's bound to be some stirring of the metaphorical pot. Or the moral might have something to do with the long, complex history of US/Cuban relations, the Cold War, and other, boring stuff like that.

[Source: Reuters]

Nov 11, 2010

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