Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare review

Leaving real wars behind


  • Spectacular solo moments
  • Customizable multiplayer
  • Modernized arsenal


  • Ambiguous context of the war
  • Same ol' pop-and-shoot behind crates
  • Short singleplayer campaign

Nov 5, 2007

[Editor's Note, Nov 9, 2007:We've changed this game'sscore from the original 9 up to a 10. The reason is simple: the more weplay the game, especially against real people online,the more we grow to love it and the less we mind its few faults. It's still not perfect or even particularly evolved from the first three CoD games, but it's nonetheless one of the most finely-tuned, expertly crafted games we've ever played, and we would be wrong not to give it our highest recommendation.]

It’s funny how much has stayed the same from the WWII-based CoDs, given how much real war has changed in the last 60 years. With Modern Warfare, as usual, you spend most of your time ducking behind crates, barrels and pillars while shots thwack into the scenery around you, your CO screams orders and the grenade icon pops up to inform you that your cover is about to be covered in Soap. Your name is Soap, by the way, except when it’s Jackson.

Jackson is a US Marine, and Soap is a British SAS soldier under the command of the exuberantly mustachioed Captain Price, who is inexplicably alive, the same age and the same rank as he was 60 years earlier in the first two CoD games.

Working for a hairy old man slightly spoils the cool-factor of your new high-tech equipment: flashbangs, nightvision and silencers. But these things do mark CoD4 as a stealthier, more predatory game. You’re usually in control of the situation, rather than drowning in the chaos, and that feels good. Even better when you hit the melee button: instead of inelegantly bonking foes with your gun, you now draw a knife, lunge forward and fatally stab them in one swift, quiet stroke.

More Info

DescriptionWe're still not sure what war this is and the solo campaign could have been longer; but it's the same Call of Duty that we all know and love.
Franchise nameCall of Duty
UK franchise nameCall Of Duty
PlatformPS3, PC, Xbox 360
US censor ratingMature
Alternative namesCoD 4
Release date5 November 2007 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)