Burnout bursts on to 360

Burnout Revenge is smashing its way on to Xbox 360 and, unlike several other EA franchises which made the leap, it's being enhanced to make the most of Microsoft's new console.

The 360 version will have a Live Revenge mode and an online multiplayer option that attempts to create the same competitive spirit that's generated by split-screen play. Before the race starts, competitors will be presented with a number of stats informing them of who has the best online record, who is the most aggressive racer and of any previous encounters they have had.

The idea is that this information will make every Takedown a more personal affair, rather than just part of the race against an anonymous opponent, and therefore generate the same bitterness and pettiness you get when playing against your mates.

Another online feature is a save and share option which allows you to save a replay of a particularly spectacular section of your race, then upload it to Live to be viewed and rated by your fellow gamers.

Burnout developer Criterion has also made use of 360's graphical capability by ramping up the particle effects, meaning even more debris will be created by collisions. There's even a new system which allows the paintwork to get chipped away as the cars glance off each other.

Burnout Revenge will be released for Xbox 360 in March