Burnout 5 damage details

Wednesday 25 October 2006
Burnout 5 will be "like nothing you've ever seen before and better than any car crash in the movies," according to developer Criterion's creative director, Alex Ward, who says that the open-world racing game will have collisions so dramatic they will "rip the car in two".

Ward explains that "it's all about how many bones are in the car. In the last games we made we were able to have 12 or 15 pieces of metal come out of the car" in Burnout's crash sequences. "This time we're looking at 90 to 100 pieces all coming out of the car at any time; all physically simulated."

The latest in the adrenal action series was announced nearly two months ago, but Criterion has revealed little about the new game, other than it will take place in the open-ended, free-roaming Paradise City and will boast some exciting online multiplayer features.

We'll be chasing up Criterion for an in-depth grilling in the near future, so stick with GamesRadar for updates.