Beyond Sunset mixes Doom and Deux Ex to create a fast paced Lo-Fi Cyberpunk shooter

The Future Games Show Powered by Mana has dropped a new trailer for Beyond Sunset. A faced-paced, cyberpunk RPG shooter where speed and reactions will see you fighting across a futuristic city with swords, guns and more to survive. 

This is an expansive Lo-Fi shooter, all about exploring the world and developing your character, Lucy, as street samurai searching for her lost memories.

Under all that shooting and fancy blade work - where you can use a katana to deflect bullets back at enemies - there's a mystery to solve here: who is Lucy? Waking up from hypersleep with no memory of who you are, you'll have to trade on your fighting skills to learn about your past. And the agenda of Yuri, a mysterious woman who offers you a deal to help you get your past back.  

Developing your combat skills is vital to progressing. You'll be able to upgrade your character to use abilities built on fast reflexes, dashes, acrobatic moves, and combat augments to outpace and outgun your opponents. With a range of weapons like pistols, shotguns, and rifles, all packing alt fire modes, there's a wealth of tools to mix up, creating a rich depth of combat. 

But there's more than just fast-paced gun action here, with Beyond Sunset's retro vibe tipping a hat to Deus Ex as just as much Doom. The city is a large and open interactive space full of NPCs offering side missions, as well as computers, notes, and more for you to uncover. As you explore you'll slowly start to piece together everything you need to know about who you were, who you are, and what Yuri has to do with everything. 

And, while there's plenty to keep you busy with the base game, this Beyond Sunset is 100% moddable, meaning you or other players can create new levels, weapons, attacks, and more using a free open-source toolset. Find out more on Twitter, Facebook, or Steam - where you can also try out a free demo now. 

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