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10 Best Wonder Woman villains of all time

10 Best Wonder Woman villains of all time
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We're all desperately waiting to see more of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman 1984, where she'll face Cheetah - played by Kristen Wiig - an archeologist who has a mishap and gains her own powers. Cheetah is just one of the entries in our list of the best Wonder Woman villains of all time, a veritable whose who of enemies that Diana has had to face, from a scientist with a fatal blood disease to the first child of Zeus.

10. Strife / Eris

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Strife, or Eris as she's known by her proper name, isn't so much a villain as she is a nuisance to Diana. Though they've clashed, they've also been uneasy allies at time - such is the case with many of Diana's olympian foes.

In her most heinous act, Strife invaded Themyscira, causing the Amazons to become confused and do battle with each other, leading to the deaths of many Amazons before Wonder Woman was able to put a stop Strife's manipulations.

9. Silver Swan

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There are several women who have worn the mantle of Silver Swan over the years, though they have all been enemies of Wonder Woman. The original, Helen Alexandros, was granted her powers of flight and sonic energy by Mars/Ares.

Later Silver Swans Valerie Beaudry and Vanessa Kapatelis shared Alexandros's sonic powers, but wore winged exo-skeletons to achieve flight and strength.

Silver Swan hasn't appeared in a mainstream comic book in decades, but she has been given the retro treatment in Wonder Woman '77, which adapts Lynda Carter's famous TV portrayal to comic books.

8. Giganta

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Giganta's origin has changed a few times since her first appearance all the way back in Wonder Woman #8, but she's always been one of the biggest - pun intended - thorns in Diana's side.

Long story short, Giganta is Dr. Doris Zuel, a scientist with a fatal blood disease that lead her to try and swap bodies with Wonder Woman. Through a mishap in her attempt to do so, she gained the ability to grow in size. She's often allied herself with other villains, including Wonder Woman nemesis Dr. Psycho.

She's appeared as a background character in "Rebirth."

7. Apollo

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One of Zeus's favored sons, Apollo used his station to wrest control of Olympus when his father disappeared. Like his father, Apollo was hungry for power, and feared retribution from Zeus's other children.

Apollo employed a veritable army of faithful Gods and warriors in his quest to ascend the throne of Olympus, and was only defeated when Wonder Woman threatened the life of his sister Artemis, forcing him to surrender.

6. Dr. Psycho

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Dr. Psycho started out as kind of a silly villain when he was introduced in Wonder Woman #5, but even then he had a murderous streak and an intense hatred of women - traits that have only gotten stronger in the decades since his introduction.

Like many of Wonder Woman's enemies, his "New 52" incarnation was very different and in fact never faced off against her. He also has not yet appeared in "Rebirth." But prior to that, he was one of her primary foes, using his mind control powers and sadistic streak to torment Wonder Woman, often teaming with her other enemies as well.

5. First Born

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Though the first child of Zeus has no name, he's got a reputation for brutality that is almost unrivaled in Wonder Woman's rogues gallery.

Brought into conflict with Diana in his quest to destroy the Gods of Olympus, she was almost unable to defeat First Born's incredible strength and ruthlessness, only being defeated when she threw him from Olympus, dooming him to fall forever.

4. Ares

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The God of War and Wonder Woman have occasionally been uneasy allies, but more often than not his schemes have brought them into conflict. He's also one of her oldest foes, having first appeared all the way back in Wonder Woman #1.

Interestingly, it was Diana who ascended to his station as God of War after she struck a killing blow against him in order to defeat First Born, finally ending their long rivalry.

Ares has resurfaced as part of "Rebirth" in a retelling of Wonder Woman's origin. He's also reportedly the villain of Wonder Woman's upcoming solo movie.

3. Maxwell Lord

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Maxwell Lord started out as something of a hero, organizing and bankrolling a new Justice League in the wake of the original team's dissolution. However, years later, he showed his true colors by trying to conquer the world.

Max Lord's rampage, fueled by his heretofore unknown mind control powers, reached its apex when he brainwashed Superman into fighting his allies. His reign of terror only ended when Wonder Woman was forced to break his neck, killing him and ending their fight.

Lord returned in "Rebirth" as an adversary of the Suicide Squad, eventually bonding with the villainous Eclipso in Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad.

2. Cheetah

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Cheetah is one of Wonder Woman's longest running enemies (no pun intended), with multiple women having filled the role throughout the decades. But the current Cheetah, Barbara Minerva, may be the most vicious of the bunch.

Having killed her brother as a teenager to prove her devotion to the cause of a secret cult, Minerva's ruthless streak began early. When she retrieved the artifact known as the "God-Killer Knife," she was transformed into the Cheetah, and thrust into a conflict with Wonder Woman that is still ongoing.

Cheetah was given a slightly revised origin in "Rebirth," where she is still a primary Wonder Woman antagonist.

1. Circe

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The legendary sorceress Circe first came into conflict with Wonder Woman when she believed Diana to be part of a prophecy that would grant her immense power. She tried to kill Wonder Woman to enact the prophecy, but failed, starting a long career of menacing the Amazonian warrior, even bringing her into conflict with the Justice League and Wonder Woman's allies.

Circe only had a minor presence in the "New 52," and has yet to appear in "Rebirth." However, in previous continuity, Circe was perhaps the most powerful and consistent thorn in Diana's side, making her the greatest Wonder Woman foe of the bunch.