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Battlestar: Blood & Chrome Character Descriptions

As Syfy begins casting for the lead roles in the next Galactica spin-off, details emerge about the main characters

Syfy US is currently looking for actors to fill the lead roles for the pilot of its new Battlestar Galactica spin-off Blood %26 Chrome , and the process has shed some light on some of the major characters. The series is set in the tenth year of the first Cylon war and concentrates on hotshot rookie pilot William Adama who is assigned to Galactica, the Colonial fleet's newest battlestar. According to TV Guide :

“Adama will be in his early-to-mid twenties, and is described as like Tom Cruise’s character in Top Gun . He has no field experience, having just trained using simulations, but he can't wait to duke it out with the Cylons. His over-enthusiasm and risky maneuvers cause him to butt heads with the more experienced and cynical Electronic Countermeasures Officer, Coker Fasjovik.

“ECO Fasjovik, in his late twenties to mid thirties, is weary after a long mission serving on Adama’s first ship, a less-than-impressive Raptor called the Weasel. He is homebound after just 45 days of fighting this bloody war. Coker is none too happy to discover what was supposed to be a routine final assignment turns out to be a very dangerous task.

“Unlike the trusting Adama, Coker sees through the beautiful female officer named Beka who has been assigned to their ship and realises she’s not what she appears. Indeed, she has a treasonous agenda that could cost them their lives as they set out on what proves to be a confusing and challenging mission. By the end of this first mission, Adama — faced with loss — will already be less trusting and more protective of his colleagues.”

So, who could play a young Edward James Olmos?