Battle for Middle-Earth spreads to 360

The struggle for control of Middle-Earth will soon spill on to Xbox 360 as EA's Battle for Middle-Earth II makes its way to the next-gen console.

The sequel to 2004's RTS uses far more characters, races and armies, as EA has managed to acquire the licence for both the Tolkien books and the recent Peter Jackson films. This means new scenarios and dramatic new settings will be available, where gamers can test their tactical ingenuity.

The 360 version will be playable on Xbox Live and has exclusive multiplayer modes such as King of the Hill, Capture and Hold and Hero versus Hero. There's no news just yet as to how the game will use Marketplace though.

Obviously the control system will be different from the PC version, but has been designed specifically to fit 360's joypad, enabling gamers to control hundreds of units with very little fuss.

Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle-Earth II will be released for Xbox 360 on 25 August