Baten Kaitos Cheats

Baten Kaitos Cheats

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    Goldoba Passcodes

    4649 - Fires cannon (no effect)
    1342 - Fires cannon (no effect)
    0429 - Forced to fight Imperial Walkers
    1004 - Forced to fight Imperial Walkers
    0819 - Gain a Magnus
    3291 - Gain a Magnus
    4653 - Unlocks the bridge so you can progress to the boss fight.

Baten Kaitos Hints

  • GameCube | Submitted by BKFAN

    Bells of Fate

    Labyrinth of Duhr

    In the Labyrinth of Duhr, there is a monster who will not attack you. It will say it is wounded and it would like some water. GIve it water and you will get Xelha's VII Spell Bells of Fate.

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    Good Combo in Battle

    When you go into moonguile forest you start out with some magnus press y and go to magnus go to deck and equip ice armor,ice dagger,bamboo shoot,camera1,saber,leather jacket and short sword.

Baten Kaitos Easter Eggs

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    Make Pac-Man Card

    Combine the following cards, Cherry, Strawberry, Melon & Apple