Balsa Model Flight Simulator Open Beta Playtest is live now

Fasten in and get ready to take to the skies in, well, basically whatever you can think of as long as it’s shaped a lot like a small plane. Balsa Model Flight Simulator is all about snapping together the model plane of your dreams, spraying it your favourite colour, and taking off. And, as just revealed at the Future Game Show, you can try it for size right now on Steam in the Open Beta Playtest. 

Play Balsa Model Flight Simulator Open Beta Playtest on Steam 

From Felipe ‘HarvesteR’ Falanghe, one of the original creators of Kerbal Space Program, Balsa Model Flight Simulator will be released in Early Access as Falanghe wants the experience to build along with the community. But this isn’t just about snapping wings into place. There’s a full single player career mode to experience as you tackle a variety of sky-based challenges, as well as a free flight sandbox to enjoy those birds-eye views. 

As you’d expect from Falanghe, physics truly matter in Balsa Model Flight Simulator. The aerodynamics of your model plane will fully influence how you fly, meaning you’re going to need to think about your designs before you take to the skies. And there’s plenty to do once you’re up there. Multiplayer paintball dogfights await or you could always challenge yourself to time trials or races. Up to 16 flyers can get together to show off their skills and, thankfully for those of us less physics minded, there’s full Steam Workshop support to download designs and even custom missions. Looks like the fasten seatbelt light is on… 

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