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'Authentic' gun peripheral will make you look like a psycho while playing COD, we still want one

Have you ever been sat in front of Modern Warfare or Battlefield thinking: “Gee, I wish I could shoot these make believe terrorists with a shitty looking plastic rifle.” Then rejoice, friend. Because today is a fortuitous 24 hours for that little peripheral whore in you.

According to the product description for CTA’s Assualt Rifle Controller, it allows gamers to ‘get down on the floor in full sniper pose and wreak havoc in their favourite shooters.’ Who knew lying prone stomach-first on the floor improved your aim in frantic FPS’? Once we’ve vacuumed up all the lice in our shag carpets, we’re so trying out that shit tonight.

Above: Just think how impressed your friends will be when you get this bad boy out of the box. Plastic PS3 guns are definitely still cool, yeah?

The controller also comes with all the buttons you’d get on your DualShock, with the trigger acting as an R1 button. And look! Absolutely, positively, probably authentic gun noises coming from a crap little speaker. Alright, so we know it’s essentially an abomination of technology. Still, we kinda want one.

Can you think of any other rubbish peripherals you've bought/seen and secretly loved/wanted to own? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below. Give them to us! We need them to feed our imaginary children.

July 27, 2010