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Up and Coming Indie: Roam

Are you tired of zombies yet? So are we. The damn things show up everywhere, rotting their way into our tower defense titles, eating our neighbors, chasing our cheerleaders. But there might just be a little room in our hearts left for a game that's more about surviving the undead apocalypse than scoring decapitation combo multipliers--a game like Roam.

The two-person project is headed by a former Gas Powered Games 3D artist and his programmer friend. Together, they're building a four-player-co-op experience across a randomly generated world, which has players scavenging for food, water, and ammunition, and eventually maintaining safehouses of their own.

Roam's isometric view and base building have drawn some comparisons to another indie effort, Project Zomboid. While there are clear similarities, Roam looks to have a more arcadey feel with co-op out the gate, greater emphasis on combat, and less depressing reminders of your pending doom. Both sound wonderful, really.

The developers claim the footage in the video above is from just a six-week prototype, so we're eager to see what they can do with some funding and more time to work. Backers can get early beta access and the game upon release for pledges of $15 and up.

Connor Sheridan
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