Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom

In our two previous looks at Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, we gave you an overview of this PlayStation 3 launch title and discussed two of the three characters - the scout and the warrior.The developersrecently popped by with a new version of the upcoming action RPGthat showed off the third character, as well as a notable improvement in the visuals. They also shared some of its online plans with us.

We were immediately struck by how nicely the graphics are coming along when we saw the most recent build of Dark Kingdom. Everything looked sharper and more polished - more representative of a next-gen title. Granted, action RPGs aren't historically known for their graphical prowess, but this is a good step forward.

Now let's get to the mage. We snickered a bit when we first saw this character. He looked like he stole the shoulder pads from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ' trademark villain, The Shredder, then mugged the biblical Joseph for his resplendent technicolor dream coat. After seeing him in action, however, we were impressed for his fighting abilities and the fact that his shoulder pads were actually magical epaulets - making this the first console game we've played that contained the word epaulet.

The mage is armed with a magical staff and some wicked spells. Out of the three characters in the game, he might be the most fun to play, simply because his spells look so cool. In practical terms, he's the character best suited for gamers that prefer to tackle their enemies with projectile attacks (which is typically tough to do in single-player mode). He doesn't move as quickly as the scout, but is noticeably faster than the warrior. Playing Dark Kingdom should feel significantly different depending on the character you select.

Now, just in case spending $60 on a game isn't enough for you, thepublisherwill be offering downloadable content to give Dark Kingdom some legs. To be fair, some of the content will be free, while premium pieces will set you back a few doubloons. Though it's not set in stone, future downloads should include new character classes, new missions, additional skins, and some interesting multiplayer arenas. Hopefully, they go heavy with the magical epaulets. Or maybe a nice matching muff.