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The Top 7... games you've never played right

Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II

You know the old saying, "It's not what you say, but how you say it?" That applies to geeking out with classic rock songs as well. We've all had Guitar Hero parties with rows of combatants ready to strut their stuff, but have you ever ignored the score and played for style?

Above: Who cares about the score?

When you've slaughtered "Bark at the Moon" or "Freebird" enough times, it's time to start finding new ways to play. This game is just too much damn fun to let slip away. To truly party like a rock star, you need to trash the room, kick stuff over, grind up on people and just generally make an ass out of yourself. Big props to those who aren't even eyeing the score - just look cool and you're declared the winner. Hell, it's more likely that everyone in the room didn't even notice your score was 80,000 less than the spider-fingered other guy.

Then you can start trying some really weird stuff. Like say, one person wears the guitar and works the frets while the other strums. Or have the fret monkey face away from the TV while you yell out chords, colors and notes in an attempt to coordinate his button presses with your strumming. In the end, Guitar Hero breeds creativity and inspiration like very few other party games - so get crackin'.