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The Sci-Fi Fantasy Christmas Radio Times Wishlist

What would be your dream Christmas Day TV line up? SFX Blogger extraordinaire John Cooper takes his red felt tip to the festive TV listings mag

In the changing world of telly watching habits I still have one particular ritual I hold to at the this time of year. I pick up a copy of my bumper festive TV listings mag of choice, get a red felt tip – it has to be red – and studiously go through, circling all the telly I want to watch. It’s a calming thing to do, and I know I might not get to see it all – up until now I’ve missed Dirk Gently , but caught all of Misfits . As I recently sat and performed the annual ritual it occurred to me, what would my ideal Christmas telly line up be? Better still, what would my favorite fantasy Christmas Day be like if I could sit through a whole day stuffing my face with turkey.

Well, in the style of Radio Times , armed with rudimentary image editing skills I’ve given it my best shot ( click on the image to see a larger, readable version ).