The Greatest Final Men

Final man: Henry Bemis
From: The Twilight Zone -Time Enough at Last
Sidekick in solitude: Literature!

What's most interesting about this classic episode is how the act of reading in the 1950’s is treated with the same cultural disdain as gaming today. The wormy Henry Bemis (Burgess Meredith) wants nothing more than to disappear into the printed word, but even his boss warns him of the inherent dangers of unrestrained literacy. Henry’s wife rips a newspaper from of his hands as if he were perving out over a session of Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball. It’s the least dignified Rocky Balboa’s trainer has ever been treated.

Above: It's not the end of the world...oh, wait

So, sealing himself inside a bank vault wasn’t just a novel solution to eliminate distraction, but it also shields Henry from a hydrogen bomb blast obliterates the world around him. After briefly mourning for the rest of humanity, Henry optimistically turns the nuclear holocaust into an opportunity for ample bookworming. Unfortunately, the oafish asshole shatters his spectacles and dooms himself to a blurry and text-free eternity. Here’s hoping for an undead optometrist.

Above: My color!

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