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Ski down an open-world mountain in Snow's early access

If the skiers won't go to the mountain, the mountain must go to Early Access. Open-world winter sports game Snow is now available in alpha on Steam, with a debut trailer that shows off the steep slopes of Mt. Sialia.

Poppermost, the Swedish three-person studio behind Snow, clearly has some work left to fulfill the game's potential--stiff animations betray the excitement of assuming hazardous postures while careening downhill, snowboarding and online multiplayer are planned but not yet implemented--but it's a promising start for $15.

Snow will eventually be free-to-play with extra mountains and equipment for purchase, so the Early Access packs come with exclusive gear down the line.

Aside from SSX, not many games try to capture the fun of slicing your way down a mountain. With more than 8 square kilometers to explore, Snow should keep you busy until the Snowboard Kids return to redeem us all.

Connor Sheridan
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