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Rumor: PlayStation Plus members getting cloud-based game saving

Game-ending glitches and corrupted save files are (sadly) a reality of modern gaming, but according to rumblings out of Sony, PlayStation Plus members may soon be granted access to a cloud-based storage system that will make worrying about such frustrations a thing of the past. For a small monthly fee, of course.

Rumored to appear as the 'Save File Insure' feature in Sony's upcoming 3.60 firmware update for the PS3, the option will allow players to automatically back-up each and every saved game to Sony's servers, thus eliminating the need to go on a murderous rampage if and when one's physical hard drive craps out without warning. The process is similar to what Sonyalluded to last year with its cryptic unveiling of the 'PS Cloud', and is essentially what Valve has offered to do with its Steam service for all PS3 Portal 2 owners.

There is one catch, however. Currently, the service is said to be available only to PlayStation Plus members, meaning that you'll have to pay subscription fees for a little peace of mind. Granted, memory space isn't cheap for Sony, but then players wouldn't have to worry about protecting their saved games if the games and systems themselves were made to handle the task without fail.

Jan 31, 2011

[Source: Fudzilla ]