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Rediscover your craving for colored blocks with Tetris Ultimate

There's a fire consuming the GamesRadar offices right now. Sorry, let me rephrase that - the fiery spirit of competition has engulfed the GR staff. The cause? Tetris Ultimate for 3DS, which supports 10-player Download Play from a single cart. Sure, it might not have all the delightful Nintendo trimmings of Tetris DS - but Tetris is Tetris, so it's going to be enjoyable puzzling either way. And of course, it's spurred on more trash talk than a waste collectors' union meeting.

Here's the office standings as I have judged them, from "most deadly threat" to "not even a factor": Henry, Lucas, Jann, Anthony, Ashley. But each match holds new possibilities - particularly in the Battle Ultimate mode, which incorporates power-ups into the block-dropping chaos. It's sadistic fun hearing your co-workers squeal in shock and agony as their blocks start dropping instantly, or their screen flips upside down, or they're saddled with a string of those accursed red and green S-shaped blocks. If you've got a group of like-minded 3DS owners, consider picking up a copy of Tetris Ultimate and splitting the cost - it's worth it for the Download Play multiplayer alone.