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Yep, PT is just as creepy in live action

PT may have had a short life as a playable teaser for a since-cancelled Silent Hill sequel, but its legacy is still going strong. Fan film creators Oddest of the Odd have produced a 13-minute video showing what Hideo Kojima's horror game would be like in real life, and the results are pretty spectacular:

The creators write that they produced the video in order to reach Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro, and Norman Reedus and show how much they want the game to be made. With Kojima's departure from Konami that seems unlikely (if not outright impossible given legal ownership of the Silent Hill brand), but based on Kojima and del Toro's extremely friendly relationship and Reddus' teasing on Instagram, we can surmise the trio are up to something.

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Sam Prell
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