Raging Boll

Awhile ago, completely talentless and inarticulate German filmmaker Uwe Boll - Alone in the Dark, Bloodrayne, House of the Dead - let fly that he wants critics to put their fists where their mouths are. His genius idea? They'll box against him, on camera, for his latest film. As it's based on the free-for-all idiocy of the Postal games, perhaps the only game series slated for adaptation which is on par with Boll's filmmaking skills, we're expecting a real treat this time. A few people - most notably (and appropriately)Something Awful's mastermind Lowtax - have already agreed to step into the ring. Today, we've received news that the fights are going forward in Las Vegas. If you need more details, or just want to publically scoff, swagger on over toGame Politics.

Fighting fit

Having problems enjoying a feisty round of Street Fighter II on Xbox Live? Apparently, a fix is on offer now - be prepared to accept an update the next time you sign into Xbox Live with the game. As per Microsoft'sMajor Nelson, the download will address "connection and time out issues" and wipe the leaderboards, draining the charts of gamers who have cheated their way to victory.

Making good

If you've played NCAA Football 07 for the PSP, you probably noticed the running game was totally broken. No, it's not your imagination. The good news is that EA is owning up to the screwup, providing not only free replacements, but also $15 coupons to its online shop to anyone affected by the bum discs. Head over tothe company's websiteto find out the details of where you should send your messed-up copy of the game.

Gear ganked?

Tired of playing online RPGs with total bastards? You can't get rid of them, but at least you can report them - to a new third-party site that keeps track of "the worst players of the MMO Universe!"/RUDEdoesn't have many reports yet - and the ones there are about as coherent as you might expect from people who think that "lol" is a word - but it's a start.

Wii wins Wiki

According toWikiCharts, a new tool that tracks the most popular articles on the controversial but totally addictive online encyclopedia Wikipedia,the article on Wiiis the 13th most popular on the site, ranking below "pornography" but above "human sexuality." Neither PlayStation 3 nor Xbox 360 make the chart - though the report itself says that the results "may be false or misleading!" Kind of like Wikipedia, huh?

Ijji? Sure, whatever

Another week, another ginormous Korean gaming portal attempts to devour the US. Though it's unknown round these parts, NHN boasts millions and millions of Asian addicts - or so the press release claimed. It has set up shop atijji.comto give English-speaking gamers the chance to try out its games. These range from simple puzzle games involving smiling bubbles to online golf with troll-like anime girls. The good news? All the games are free, and though many aren't up and running yet, what's there now is probably worth a look... if you're clamoring for more-of-the-same timewasters, just adorable this time.

August 28, 2006