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New Dead Rising 4 trailer is determined to make you hate shopping malls

Frank West, freelance photojournalist and hero of the original Dead Rising, is back for Dead Rising 4. But why would a man who survived being trapped in a mall crawling with zombies (a scenario legally distinct from Dawn of the Dead, as noted by a disclaimer on the original's cover) ever come back? Well, this new trailer might give a hint:

It looks like West is still doing the photojournalism thing, but instead of covering wars (y'know), he's looking into secret military tests. And really, what military test would be complete without hordes of zombies roaming around a mall? Again.

Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I've always found the Dead Rising games to be at their best when they embraced goofiness, so I'm all for DR4 going back to bigmouth West with his snarky quips and ludicrous weapons. After all, isn't dismembering the undead and rampant property destruction what the holidays are all about?

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