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iPhone game of the day: Babylonian Twins

Game: Babylonian Twins
Price: Free! (for a limited time only)
Size: 30.3MB
Get it now on the iTunes Store

This sort of thing doesn't come along very often. A game developed in Iraq for a dying platform (the Amiga), rediscovered by the Amiga-loving community, before being ported to iPhone and iPad by the original coding team. It's a fairy-tale with a happy ending, especially the game's now doing very nicely indeed. And, to celebrate, it's absolutely free for a limited time on iPhone and iTouch!

The game is an action/puzzler platformer. You can only control one of the twins (leaving the other as a statue) until a curse is lifted. Each character has his own abilities, which you'll need to use effectively to progress. With enhanced graphics for modern machines and expertly-refined gameplay, this is a truly great game - and it's wonderful for gamers that we got to play it. 17 years later, yes, but we got it.

Above: One of the twins can smash pots. You need to collect these icons

Above: Jumping on dogs does not give extra height. He won't thank you

Above: Some floors are weak, allowing you to drill down through them

09 Jul, 2010

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