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Here and Now Indie: Legend of Princess

Cost: FREE
Download here

Imagine if Zelda 2 was prettier, faster, and had 100% more pink hair on its protagonist. That’s Legend of Princess in a nutshell. Made by Joakim Sandberg (who you might know from the also-awesome Noitu Love 2), this brief-but-thrilling platformer parodies and plays off of everything that makes sidescrolling Zelda gameplay great.

Even if you can blaze through this lavishly drawn pixel cavern and defeat the evil worm King Gohnad (heh), there’s still tons of replay value here. Depending on which double-jump and ranged items you pick at the start of the game, your trip through the Dirt Temple will be wildly different from the last. This is everything that a short indie fan game should be: easily digestible and thoroughly exciting.

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