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Final Fantasy 15 video shows off beautiful wildlife

Final Fantasy means many things to many people, but that doesn't usually include "detailed fantasy/reality ecology simulator". Judging from this beautiful new in-game footage of Final Fantasy 15, that's due to change.

Apparently the first episode of the game's "World of Wonder" video series, you won't see any roadtrip moments or hectic roadside battles here. Heck, you'll barely see Noctis and the rest of his crew. But you will get a very good look at a bunch of bald eagles, a lizard, a few frogs (or maybe it's the same frog?), a chocobo, creepy wolf things, big grazing herbivores, and some giant horned predators.

Those last three actually get wrapped up in a quick scuffle, where the great horned beasts crowd the wolves out of a kill and start munching on the herbivores for themselves. There's no way to tell if this a truly reactive moment based on each creature's individual proclivities, or if it was simply scripted to happen, but the video's naturalist approach makes me hope for the latter.

You can get a look for yourself with Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae, a demo which will be offered as part of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD's 'Day One' edition and Collector's Edition next month.

Connor Sheridan

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