Born Again Christian Spurns Doctor Who

A West Country born-again Christian is selling his collection of £7,000 worth of Doctor Who memorabilia because Doctor Who is evil, reports The Wiltshire Times .

Now that Simon White, 47, of Trowbridge, has found God, he is casting aside his Who collection because it represents the "greatest lie Satan ever told" (he hasn’t seen the new Flash Gordon, then). Items include a full-size TARDIS he built himself, a Dalek, two Cybermen and a K-9.

"I had to retire early from my job as a nurse at the Royal United Hospital in Bath in 1998 because I was suffering from bipolar disorder,” says White. “I turned to drink and became an alcoholic and the Dr Who obsession was the only thing that kept me going. I wouldn't have given it up if you'd have put a gun to my head.” But now, "God delivered me from the evil that is Doctor Who, materialism and alcoholism.”

If materialism is so bad, then why is he auctioning off his collection on eBay? Just give the stuff away, mate.