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Beeswax review

Twin sisters with two very different lives but the same insecurities...

“Talk about half-assed!” exclaims an exasperated beau when slacker twenty-something Lauren suggests they “try” breaking up.

It’s a telling comment: Andrew Bujalski’s third film is all about the half-assed approach to life – almost a self-parody of lo-fi movie-making with its mumble-chorus of “you know, like, I guess” dialogue and (in)action revolving around a boho thrift shop.

Yet Bujalski’s laidback hang-out with identical twins Lauren and Jeannie (real-life sisters Maggie and Tilly Hatcher) is deceptively simple.

While Lauren drifts through life, paraplegic Jeannie confidently navigates romance and business pressures from her wheelchair. Together, their differences merge into a hivemind of in-jokes and insecurity.

It takes real talent to make something so studied feel this soufflé-light, especially in the Hatchers’ charming naturalism. Trouble is, Bujalski is too successful – in the end, everything is left hanging.

You’ll long for him to put his whole ass into it next time.

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