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6 things Capcom need to do with Resident Evil 6

Resi 5 was a bad photocopy of an awesome game. Most of us accept this. Sure, it had its merits (co-op was definitely a success), but for many die-hard survival horror fans it had lost that spark that made Leon’s adventure so memorable. Developers Capcom, fresh on the heels of creating one of the most beloved and critically acclaimed games of all time, knew they could rest on their laurels a bit when it game to Chris’ murderous African escapades. Hell, series creator Shinji Mikami even admitted it didn’t need to change the series. But did concedeResi 6 would have to reinvent it.

With that in mind, we think it’s high time we kick the Resident Evil hype train back into gear. With the recently released, and frankly ace, Lost in Nightmares DLC, we’re hungry for news on the next full-fat game. And to help the Capcom bigwigs, we’ve put together a wish list of all the stuff we want fixed for the survival horror series’ latest chapter. Oh, and boys, when you’re sending us those royalty checks, GamesRadar is one word. Cool?

Suriv…val horr…or? What’s that? This is the biggie. The last two games have lost the frights that made the PS1 games so enduring. The fourth game got away with it thanks to amazing mechanics and the small fact it damn near reinvented the genre. Plus there were still a couple of sections that were pretty scary (that bit with Salazar’s right hand demon in the sewers, anyone?). Redfield and Sheva’s game wasn’t so lucky, being pretty much fright free.

Lost in Nightmares (which takes players back to a near carbon copy of the mansion from the first game) shows Capcom still has what it takes to unsettle and scare the bejesus out of us. The DLC’s opening half hour doesn’t have a single baddie in it, yet still manages to out-scare Resi 5 with ease. It’s all about creating an uneasy atmosphere, which LiN nails. Go back to less enemies, while cranking up the tension through mood and music, and we might just have one scary-assseries back on our hands. Oh, and introducing an enemy along the lines of the fella below would be just swell, too.

Above: Nemesis rules. That is all

Resident Evil 5 sent the little gore hound in all of us for a timeout. Camera angles that panned away right before decapitation money shots. Ground finishers that saw Chris and Sheva merely stamp on Majinis' chests rather than bust open their craniums like undeadpiñatas. A total lack of giant bugs capable off melting our faces off. C’mon, we want all the properly grizzly shit back. Do that, and you can set the game in an abandoned, haunted box factory for all we care.