Assault Heroes

Fully in keeping with Xbox 360 Live Arcade’s distinctly retro approach, Sierra On-line jumps right in with this little offering, Assault Heroes, which is about as “retro” as you can get. The gameplay is simple, straightforward action with little to no higher brain functions required, while the graphics are colorful and splashy and about as subtle as a brick in the face.

Which ain’t really a bad thing. Sometimes, you just wanna blow sh%# up, y’know?

In fact, it’s not even worth going into the backstory (something about being an elite special forces unit hunting for the secret underground lab of some madman bent on blah blah blah), since you’re just going to jump into the action anyway. The control is set up like Robotron or Smash TV, with one analog stick controlling movement while the other controls which way you shoot, plus the occasional button press for special weapons and power-ups.