Aronofsky talks The Fountain

After waiting what seems like a thousand years, we’re finally getting to see some footage from Darren Aronofsky’s next project, sci fi epic The Fountain. And… it’s… well, short. The teaser, which runs for about 40 seconds, is a fast dash through the three time periods that form The Fountain’s plot line. Hugh Jackman plays three versions of Thomas, a man haunted by the love for his dying wife, Izzy (Rachel Weisz). We get to meet the pair in 2005, but not before we’ve also visited the year 1500 as conquistador Thomas searches for the legendary fountain of youth. And then it’s off to the year 2500, and a look at the future for the fountain – a mystical tree of life.

So what is it all about? Let’s ask the director himself: “Mostly the film is a love story; it’s about a man whose wife is dying and he’s trying to save her life. And that’s the engine of the film. And while saving her he stumbles upon the fountain of youth and has to decide how that affects his own life and his own death. That’s sort of the film, that’s how I’d put it in simple words…”

There’s no confirmed release date for the film yet, so for now you’ll have to comfort yourselves with the trailer. Get your first look at the footage here .

Source: ( Apple Trailers )