Another MGS character in Smash Bros

Nov 7, 2007

As if Solid Snake wasn't enough for Super Smash Bros. Brawl's star-studded lineup, a second Metal Gear Solid character has joined the fight. Give a warm welcome to cybernetic half-blind ninja, Grey Fox!

Don't get too excited though; Grey Fox appears as an assist trophy which means you won't be able to play as him. When activated, assist trophy characters will show up and help or hurt the player who summoned them. Grey Foxmakes the scene with his ninja thing on whoever happens to be in his way (he did chin a Metal Gear Rex after all) and looks pretty damn boss in the process.

For the fighting, MGS fans will have to stick with Snake, but at least it raises the chances that there are more non-Nintendo characters left to see... Check out theImagestab to see the current roster.

Above: Grey Fox vs Starfox - the match you've always wanted to see

Courtesy of CVG.