Ancient Wars: Sparta - new screens

Can't help but feel an overwhelming, manly urge to look at pictures of armor-clad, skirt-wearing men running around thrusting spears through each other? We just received ten new screens of Ancient Wars: Sparta, and it looks like the game will be featuring plenty of just that.

To be fair, there will be three sets of warriors to choose from: the Romans, Egyptians and Persians. Including three factions will mean a large selection of things to thrust through each other -not just spears.

However, the screens we have now feature, primarily, the Roman armies.The Egyptians and Persians will come equipped with different wardrobes, weapons and units.

These ancient warriors are scheduled to march out in formation to stores April 24, and then wait there in defensive stances until someone comes to buy them.

Check out our in-depth preview of the gamehereand get a bit more info about the why they aren't in an aggressive stance.

March 14, 2007