Fight your way back from the horrors of WW1 with Ad Infinitum's new story trailer

Ad Infinitum is a horror game 10 years in the making, originally dreamed up by Lukas Deuschel and Thomas Lenz from Hekate as students in 2014. Now, nearly a decade later, it's revealing the plot behind its physiological WW1 terrors in a new story trailer debuting at the Future Games Show

The new trailer reveals the narrative at the heart of this traumatic horror game, one that sees you trapped between two worlds: your abandoned family home and the trenches of World War 1. Playing as a German soldier haunted by the Great War you'll have to survive terrifying monsters and horrific memories created by the trauma of your past. 

As these memories and events assault your mind, you'll have to solve puzzles and deal with the creatures that hound you as you try to piece together what's happening. These monsters are split between lesser and greater horrors, all born from elements of the war like hunger, rage, mayhem, and pain. From malformed bodies held together by prosthetic limbs, to a writing mass of burning, fused bodies -  the entities you encounter are the physical embodiments of a war that might have cost you everything. 

To save what's left of your sanity you'll need to explore the deserted manor house you grew up in, trying to piece together the story of your family, broken apart by the war. All while the trauma of the past invades your consciousness with terrifying monsters invading the nightmarish flashbacks of the trenches you fought in.

Check out the Steam page for more info and follow the game on Twitter for updates.

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