3 Days of Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3's got a lot to live up to. Even after the three years since Spider-Man 2 was released, it has yet to be bettered as the benchmark for how to make a superhero game. No one's offered the same sense of freedom. No one's managed to capture the essence of the hero they're trying to copy and, more importantly, no one has managed to make a game that's anywhere near as much fun as Spider-Man 2 was. This May, though, all that's about to change - as Treyarch, the guys who amazed us way back in 2004, are about to teach everyone a lesson.

For the next few days, you'll have a plethora of Spider-Man content to lap up. From changes in gameplay to an interview with the lead producer, we've got it all. You may want to change your Underoos if your Spidey-sense tingled a bit too much.

Day one:Mean streets

Day two:Heroes and villains

Day three:Producer interview