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100 Reasons Fanboys Hate GamesRadar

We knew right away that in order to get away with the Week of Hate, we’d have to suffer the same derision to which we subject others. It’s only fair, right? Online games journalism is not for the thin-skinned. We know we’re not perfect; we know we’ve made mistakes. We even have personal beef with some of the stuff on our own site.

But before we dig into GamesRadar’s many foibles, lets take a moment to reflect on the Week of Hate. Someone is always going to find something to hate about everything. People get so caught up in the rumors and hating and flaming that they forget the simple truth that videogames are about having fun. We want to remember the laughter, the good times. We prefer to have a sense of humor about things. If you can’t laugh at yourself every once in a while, you’re doomed to live a bitter, unfulfilling life and probably die from a heart attack when you’re 40. So chillax, internets, and stop taking yourself so seriously. If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right. Now you have another reason to hate GamesRadar: preachy touchy-feely idealism. Well, enjoy the show and keep on hating!

We hope you¹ve enjoyed our Week of Hate. These videos wouldn¹t have been possible without contributions from GamesRadar¹sentire staff of knowledgeable, well-groomed editors. Big ups to everyone!

Engage in polite and lightly moderated discussion in our officialHate Week forum thread.

100 Reasons Fanboys Hate GamesRadar

1. GR hates Microsoft
2. ...Sony
3. ...Nintendo
4. GR is owned by Microsoft
5. ...Sony
6. ...Nintendo
7. ...Future
8. Fucking Retrobot
9. popup ads
10. LOLCAT ad
11. Page Tabs
12. GR is run by Brits
13. ...Americans
14. RadarNation sign up page
15. Annoying Forums promo
16. More annoying Forums promo
17. "GamesRadar Video Stuff" intro from E3 07
18. History: DailyRadar
19. History: original UK GamesRadar
20. History: redesigned UK GamesRadar
21. History: Our first GamesRadar
22. Done to death: PokeRadar
23. Done to death: HaloRadar
24. GAF-asplode: Cloud in FF13
25. Fleurons / tower art
26. "Please excuse our modest content"
27. BabesRadar
28. BabesRadar
29. BabesRadar
30. Breast (cancer) awareness
31. Women kissing women
32. Censored bars
33. Asses of E3 feature
34. GR UK's strip joint video
35. IGN "plagarism" debacle
36. Endless Top 7s
37. Enchanted Arms review / Penny Arcade response
38. News dump
39. CVG ports
40. Digg-bating headlines
41. "Nice" ads
42. 4-tabbed unit
43. Destroyed CheatPlanet forums
44. Gamespedia game wiki
45. Downloadable pdf guides
46. Useless game data
47. Owl-head dude
48. Alligator-head dude
49. "Art of Teabagging" screengrab
50. No embedded video (now fixed, durr)
51. "Star Powah!!" Rock Band reality video
52. Gr is not IGN
53. ...not gamespot
54. ...not 1up
55. ...not neogaf
56. GR is Sexist: Trailer trash
57. GR is Feminazi: Portal critique
58: GR is Homophobic: Are they gay?
59. GR is Gay: Men kissing men
60. 5 things to hate about ratchet and clank
61. E3 07: Swag mannequin
62: Bribery: Halo 3 swag bag
63: RadarUpdate e-zine
64. Bioshock spoilers
65. Wii Showdown contest
66. Tacked-on services: Skillground
67. Tacked-on services: FileRadar
68: TGS Podcast: PSP has failed
69: Shooting guns in the desert (MOH:AA junket)
70: Top 7 Nintendo mistakes
71: One episode podcast: Tokyo Elevator
72: Tacked-on services: Games on Radar
73: Irritating promo: "Be happy - watch a video"
74: UK Resistance hates GR (and everything)
75: Irritating features promo
76: 404 error
77: Unpaid Interns
78: Overanalyzing of MGS4 trailer
79: Blog haters
80: Lackluster Mario Party video
81: "Official site of the internet" ad
82: ytmnd haters
83: Guides listed on features tab??
84: 500 Error
85: Stranglehold event video
86: Paul Ryan
87: Lizzie Cuevas
88: Matt Keast
89: AJ Glasser
90: Chris Antista
91: Shane Patterson
92: Carolyn Gudmundson
93: Tyler Wilde
94: Tyler Nagata
95: Charlie Barratt
96: Brett Elston
97: Mikel Reparaz
98: Joe McNeilly
99: Eric Bratcher
100: Stephen Pierce

Mar 28, 2008