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There’s only one place where you can find hard-hitting journalism, nudie celebrity pictures and a classy video of a monkey that picks his butt, smells his finger and falls out of a tree. Yes, my friends, the Internet. And on this amazing invention, you can watch some other cool videos as well. We’ve got some for ya here if you really have nothing better to do. Click away on the titles and don’t get caught at work.

Early Okami footage by SensoOokami

Now this is weird. Taken from an internal Capcom presentation, this is what Okami looked like early in its development. It’s nice, but CG wolfie’s got nothing on cel-shaded wolfie.

Namco X Capcom intro movie by SoujiSeta

This amazing anime short features a whole host of Capcom and Namco characters in battle, from Soul Calibur’s Mitsurugi to Klonoa to Mega Man to... well, there are loads.


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