The Top 30 Craziest Industry Quotes

“The reviews on [Shadowrun] suck my ass. The most important thing is the value of what you're getting, I think there is value there at the $60 price point. If you play just about any first person, next-generation shooter that's come out recently, you're looking at the single player game being about 10 hours. I've been playing Shadowrun for three years... You can see this game truly has legs. So, ten hours of gameplay for sixty bucks, plus some probably lame multiplayer they tacked on, versus Shadowrun that you can play, let’s say, for years. -- Mitch Gitelman (FASA Studio Manager), on the reviews for Shadowrun

That’s a great point. Now had he made a second half to that game...

"The first two I can live with, they feel fair and make sense. I am very, very proud of those reviews. I'm not so keen on the GAMESPOT review, and who would be? It simply feels unfair and simply wrong.” – David Jaffe (Director of God of War/Twisted Metal), on his thoughts over Calling All Cars’ review

Who needs differing opinions? Not this guy

"TO THE LAME ASS WEBSITE THAT SHALL GO UNNAMED- F*ck you, guys. Go f*ck yourselves. What other developer makes a f*cking change to a game when a review (IGN's in this case) has a good, valid point and is willing to open the f*cking code up at the risk of more bugs to make the game better? Amazing. But hey, you guys are great, you guys rock. I hope Kotaku f*cking puts your ass out of business, wanna be f*cktards. And if you were actual journalists you would have read the motherf*cking quote I posted on NEOGAF where I said because of the two bugs we needed to fix (not because I was afraid of the bargin bin) we had a window of opp. to fix the magnet problem. f*cking assholes." – Jaffe’s blog, politely correcting website Joystiq on why he needed to fix Calling All Cars

Moving along...

"One of [my game ideas] is to [create] the most emotional video game ever made. The end goal is that players at the end of the game are actually choked up - if not crying - because we've done our job so well." – Jaffe, on why crying = a great game

Sounds fun...

"[Dan Amrich’s review of Space Giraffe] was the most extraordinary example of egregious f*ckwittery." – Jeff Minter (Game designer/programmer), on his feelings of Official Xbox Magazine’s Dan Amrich’s 2/10 review

To be completely honest, SG was almost like dipping your eyes in battery acid