The Outfit Cheats

  • Unlockable Cheats

    Collect medals to unlock cheats:

    Infinite Sprint - 4 Medals
    Faster Health Regeneration Rate - 8 Medals
    No Overheat On Weapons - 12 Medals
    Infinite Field Units - 17 Medals
    Insane Damage Multiplier - 21 Medals
    Mega Health - 25 Medals
    Submitted by Holiday2

The Outfit Hints

  • Take-a-tank

    If ever you find yourself in the unfortunate position of not being able to airdrop vehicles or armor, you can easily hijack one of the enemies', even while the vehicle is still being used against you. First of all, you'll need to be playing as J.D. Tyler for it to be at all easy; since J.D. has the most accurate weapons. Second, the enemy tank's commander will always have his head sticking out of the turret hatch, so if you kill him, all weapons on the tank will suddenly stop firing. Since the driver is inside the tank, the tank will just keep driving around, and you will need to catch up with it, and if you can get close enough you'll be able to get inside. When you have entered the tank, the other tank crew members will immediately get out, and you have yourself a tank! German vehicles are usually superior to your own, so make good use of them.
    Submitted by Merritt D.
  • Men. Real Men. Men Who Can Fight

    If you find a wheelbarrow, only your character and one other member of your squad can "attach" to the vehicle. Do that and the other three guys mill around. Since they are no longer part of your squad, you can call down more reinforcements. Once your squad is full up again, you can repeat the "discharge" process with the wheelbarrow and call more men down.

    Note that ordering too many soldiers (around 70 to 80) will slow the game and may even freeze it. This works in online and offline modes.
    Submitted by None

The Outfit Unlockables

  • Achievements

    AA Guns Destroyed - Awarded for going beyond the call of duty in destruction.
    Air Defense - Awarded for valor in ground to air combat.
    Airfield Saved - Awarded for quick action in preserving a key airfield.
    Allied Rescue - Awarded for rescuing fellow soldiers in spite of personal danger.
    Allied Savior - Awarded for aiding Allied soldiers in battle.
    Bunker Defense - Awarded for protecting friendly forces from superior enemy numbers.
    Clear Winner - Awarded for victories totaling 1000 Command Points in Ranked Quick Match games.
    Combat Aid - Awarded for aiding fellow paratroopers in combat.
    Convoy Ambush - Awarded for crippling enemy actions beyond all exceptions.
    Emplacement Killer - Awarded for 250 emplacement kills in Ranked Quick Match games.
    Feared - Awarded for more than 20 enemy player kills in a single Ranked Quick Match game.
    Focused Fire - Awarded for killing enemy players faster than 1.7 per minute of play in Ranked Quick Match games.
    Fuel Depot Destroyed - Awarded for destroying strategic enemy assets.
    Game Completion Award - Awarded for victory over evil in France!
    Great Score - Awarded for achieving a score greater than 350 in a single Ranked Quick Match game.
    Great Shooting - Awarded for accuracy greater than 40% in a single Ranked Quick Match game.
    Guns Blazing - Awarded for an average score of over 18 per minute of play in Ranked Quick Match games.
    Howizter Defense - Awarded for completely securing strategic locations from the Nazis.
    Infantry Killer - Awarded for 1000 infantry kills in Ranked Quick Match games.
    Lightning Victory - Awarded for achieving victory in less than two minutes in any Ranked Quick Match game.
    Marksman - Awarded for accuracy greater than 25% over your Ranked Quick Match game career.
    Master of Capturing - Awarded for capturing more than 10 objectives in a single Ranked Quick Match game.
    Panther Tank Capture - Awarded for capturing enemy technology.
    Persistence Counts - Awarded for dying 1,000 times in Ranked Quick Match Games.
    Prisoner of War - Awarded when your total number of losses exceeds 200 in Ranked Quick Match Games.
    Prisoner of War Savior - Awarded for saving Werhmacht allies from SS firing squads.
    Propaganda Destroyed - Awarded for purging Nazi imagery from the landscape of France.
    Prototype Jet Destroyed - Awarded for impeding enemy research of war technology.
    Radar Tower Destroyed - Awarded for destruction of enemy communications equipment.
    Reinforcement Rescue - Awarded for successfully defending Allied reinforcements.
    Searchlights Destroyed - Awarded fir eliminating the enemy's night time advantage.
    Submarine Destruction - Awarded for strategic destruction of enemy assets.
    Tank Column Destroyed - Awarded for destruction of important enemy assets.
    Tank Crew Rescue - Awarded for rescuing a stranded Allied Tank crew.
    Train Destroyed - Awarded for destroying strategic enemy assets.
    Transport Ship Destruction - Awarded for quick thinking in destruction of enemy war supplies.
    Troop Car Destroyed - Awarded for quick action and reflexes under pressure.
    V1 Rockets Destroyed - Awarded for destruction of enemy air assets.
    Vehicle Killer - Awarded for 200 vehicle kills in Ranked Quick Match games.
    Victories Keep Piling Up - Awarded for winning 500 Ranked Quick Match games.
    Wounded in Action - Awarded for an average life shorter than 30 seconds in Ranked Quick Match Games.
    Submitted by dudeman13

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More Info

Release date: Mar 13 2006 - Xbox 360 (US)
Available Platforms: Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Published by: THQ
Developed by: Relic
ESRB Rating:
Rating Pending


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