Stuntman: Ignition

Wednesday 18 April 2007
Stuntman: Ignition
is many different games in one. As a daredevil driver hired to perform outrageous, but spot-on maneuvers for the movies, you'll be tasked with racing through six diverse film sets. One can put you in a pickup truck and have you slaloming around plummeting chunks of volcanic lava for a disaster flick, while the next might stick you in a muscle car and have you crashing through downtown storefront windows for an action blockbuster.

The several "scenes" contained within each of these themed genres can also vary wildly. We recently tested two races from Stuntman's retro cop-and-robbers movie, "Overdrive." Although both demanded the same basic stunts - such as squeezing through alleys, drifting into sharp turns and narrowly passing cable cars - each had its own unique feel as well. In the first, "Kill Stone," we jumped into a San Francisco police car and tore after an escaping perp. Every spectacular feat, from sideswiping a drive-by shooter to leaping over a street full of traffic, was a part of the overall chase.

Watch us nab the bad guy in dramatically explosive fashion below, then head to the next page.

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