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  • Get Meat Quicker

    Right hers a cheat that you might need like for the first mission. first get 4 hunter posts and wait for a while until the hunters come back with meat then each hunter post should have at least 2 pieces of meat or more this cheat is mainly for the first mission on stronghold this cheat is useless to you unless you know what a hunter post is
    maybe you don't need this cheat because your on a higher level.
    Submitted by josef herbert byrne
  • Hint:

    When u do the level of the pig (when you take his home castle) and you have to do it before the Pig gets there. Just take the engineers out of the ram and tell them to build 2 catapults, you have 4 engineers.
    tell the catapults to destroy the gate and the 2 catapult towers and then use spearmen to dig up the moat in front of the gate. after that bring the remaining spearmen back and attack with all the masemen and other units u have except the catapults. you should be able to get through. But this process is long so you have to do it really fast.
    Submitted by MasterX
  • More Oasis

    What you must do to make more oasis grassland you must first find some oasis to build from. then place a building e.g. a woodcutter's hut or hovel, and make sure you place it near the edge of the oasis grass and your building will hopefully be surrounded by a small clump of grass. then demolish the building and hopefully the grass will stay
    Submitted by MasterX
  • Hold Enemies Captive

    To do this, build an ox tether in front of the gate of your enemies castle. Let it sleep; but make sure your enemies keep is enclosed. after that, the enemies cannot leave the castle and won't get any food so peasants will leave the castle. They'll just destroy the ox tether but go back to there spot.
    Submitted by MasterX

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