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Star Wars: Starfighter Cheats, Codes & Guides

Star Wars: Starfighter Cheats

  • Unlock Everything

    Put in EUROPA for a password or OVERSEER
    Reverse Controls (Jar Jar mode)
    Put in JARJAR for the password
    Multiple Codes
    SHIPS: View Ship Gallery
    Get Digital Director
    Put in DIRECTOR for the password
    Hud Off
    Put in NOHUD for the password
    See Character Artwork
    Put in HEROES for the password
    Get Planet Sketches
    Put in PLANET for the password
    Get Credits Unlocked
    Put in CREDITS for the password
    Infinite health
    Put in FOREVER for the password
    Pre production art
    enter PLANTES as a code
    Default screens
    enter SHOTS, SIZZLE,or HOTEL as a code
    Secret spaceship for bonus missions
    enter BLUENSF as a code
    Submitted by M98

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