Sonic Rush review

Sonic rushes to the DS for one of his fastest and least forgiving rides ever

The levels play out as traditional side-scrollers, but boss battles throw in a little 3D for visual kicks. Sending these guys to the scrap heap, however, can take as long as an entire stage does to complete. It's just a matter of pattern memorization and becomes quickly tiring. The fact that Blaze handles the same bosses and levels makes fighting them again only more of a chore.

The slim multiplayer options don't add much either; the one-on-one races play exactly like the solo game sprinkled with a few power-ups. The touch screen powered, half-pipe bonus levels would have made a much more interesting versus mode.

More Info

DescriptionReturns Sonic to his glory days by focusing on speed, a jammin' soundtrack and exhausting level design.
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date15 November 2005 (US), (UK)

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