RealPlay Racing review

  • Motion sensing peripheral
  • Hilarious physics
  • "Retro" graphics
  • Non-hilarious price
  • "Retro" = "terrible"
  • Physics are a joke

Jan 8, 2008

Like the other RealPlay titles, the steering wheel peripheral doesn’t add a new dimension of control; it merely adds a new dimension of difficulty - wrecking what might have been a half-decent budget game underneath. Here, there isn’t even a half-decent game underneath, but what looks like a half-finished PS1 game.

How half-finished? Well, the moment you hit a ramp, your car will start flipping uncontrollably, no matter what. You’d laugh if you hadn’t spent full price on the thing. There’s no multiplayer either, so if you hoped to get three friends in and to drive invisible cars, it ain’t happening.

More Info

Nov 30 2007 - PS2 (UK)
Available Platforms: PS2
Genre: Racing
Published by: In2Games
Developed by: In2Games


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