Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 - hands-on

Outside of Nintendo, not many developers seem to understand the power of the Wii. In fact, most of the system's games last year were nothing more than greedy afterthoughts - titles clearly designed for another console, but then married clumsily to some motion sensitive controls and re-released to sell more copies.

One of the rare exceptions to that trend was Rayman Raving Rabbids, a non-Nintendo party game so bizarre and so interactive that it could only work on the Wii. Indeed, when Ubisoft tried to port it to other platforms, the resulting products weren't nearly as appealing. So for the sequel, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, they're concentrating solely on the Wii and on taking even better advantage of its unique strengths.

Most importantly, the sequel will keep you moving. While the first minigame we tested was named simply Baseball, the actions required to complete it were anything but. To begin with, we had to wave the remote and Nunchuk up and down as fast as possible to get our Rabbid racing around the diamond. We were already tired by second base, exhausted by third and ready to call it quits by the time we reached home. But that's when we had to swing forward with all of our might to hit the ball out of the park in a sparkly shower of fireworks. As any Wii game should, Rabbids 2 will force you to get exercise.

It will also force you to get silly. You don’t actually hit a ball out of the park in Baseball; you hit the Rabbid that you were formerly controlling around the base paths. Another minigame, Spittoon, is about nothing more than - you guessed it - spitting. Shake the remote back and forth frantically to build up a big enough loogie, then lean right or left to release it into the proper receptacle. For some reason, wild absurdity has always been more welcome and accepted on Nintendo consoles. Rabbids 2 revels in that.


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