Portal - hands-on

The impossible is very, very hard

Portal is a comedy puzzle game. A pretty black comedy, granted, but firmly a comedy. Most of the jokes revolve around you being lied to, killed, or thirsty to the point of delirium, but that won%26rsquo;t stop you chuckling at least once per puzzle. In fact, that%26rsquo;s usually the reason for it.

The puzzle part you%26rsquo;re hopefully familiar with from thetrailerbetter yet, the 2005 prototypeNarbacular Drop. You%26rsquo;ve got a gun that opens rifts in any wall you shoot it at, and once you%26rsquo;ve opened two, you can walk through one and come out the other. You%26rsquo;re evidently a lab rat in an %26ldquo;Enrichment Center%26rdquo; specifically designed to test your ability to use this device to navigate an absurdly hazardous obstacle course, led along by a lilting, broken-sounding synthetic female voice that rings out from tinny speakers.


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